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The founding Principal of Square Sail Consulting LLC formally trained under an apprenticeship program in a maritime engineering college. They taught from a systems perspective. To explain this, as an engineering officer aboard a ship, if the lights went out, the crew depended upon me to get the lights back on. I could not say “I am not an electrical engineer” and remain in the dark. Also, once at sea, how can you walk home? Whom can you call for help?

Teamwork is not a passive word.

"The sea is selective, slow at recognition of effort and aptitude but fast in the sinking of the unfit." – Felix Riesenberg, (1879–1939), American Merchant Marine Officer

All consulting work is performed with this quotation in mind.

Square Sail Consulting LLC currently has four places of operation at Albany, NY, New York, NY, Princeton, NJ and Frenchtown, NJ

Our primary mailing address is Square Sail Consulting LLC, 1148 State Route 12, Frenchtown, NJ 08825

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