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About Mark Victors

Supply chain management specialization

Biography: Prior to founding Square Sail Consulting LLC, Mark Victors was with the GNYHA family of companies as a Director. Prior to joining GNYHA, Mr. Victors was a Senior Contract Manager for Jacobs Engineering, and a Manager for Skanska Building USA, both companies operating as “at risk” Building Construction Managers, specializing in claims avoidance, claims mitigation, and supply chain management. His 30 years of experience encompasses international program and construction management of up to $12 billion dollars [US]. He is responsible for increasing operational effectiveness, penetration, and bottom line profitability through the implementation of strategies and tactics. Mr. Victors is extensively traveled, having obtained pragmatic experience as an Engineering Officer aboard blue water oil tankers and containerships, managing a team approach with a systems perspective. Mr. Victors is a Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.), earned his B.E. from the State University of New York Maritime College and an M.B.A. from the
University of Bridgeport.

Mark Victors has over 30 years of professional experience which includes structuring contracts and commercial documents for large scale public and private sector building projects across a range of technologies. He has supported the successful procurement and implementation of over 100 capital projects with a combined value exceeding $ 12 billion.

Mr.Victors has extensive experience arranging:

  • Building construction solicitations, including the drafting, reviewing, and advising on the consistency between the Owner’s goal, designs, RFI’s and RFPs, and developing revisions to those RFI and RFP documents when needed.
  • Reviewing and providing an analysis of responses on building construction issues, in the planning, design, execution and closeout phases, and recommend for or against their acceptance in light of their total cost of ownership.
  • Intervention on construction claims avoidance, claims mitigation and supply chain issues for large scale public and private sector projects.
  • Developing creative procurement strategies, innovative construction contract packaging, and risk management solutions to timely address facilities management, technical specification and project cost estimate issues.


Innovative construction contract packaging
  • Create a complete contract portfolio servicing any demands for new construction, renovation, maintenance, repairs and activities for building facilities and their environmental services
  • Design procurement strategies for building owners, architects, engineers and consultants
  • Coordinate facility design, technological upgrades and clinical governance demands
  • Develop forward focused procurement strategies on biomedical equipment, energy and critical materials
  • Former voting member of Premier Healthcare Alliance (National GPO) Facilities & Environmental Services Committee, Energy subcommittee and Construction subcommittee
  • Create and publish a monthly newsletter on construction, economics, energy and regulatory items of interest to all classes of trade focusing upon healthcare managers
  • Strategically manage disputes and changes on multiple contracts
  • Mitigate cost and schedule impacts on either a continuing relationship or pre-litigation basis
  • Provide timely and contractually clear responses inclusive of the Code of Federal Regulations
  • Lead multi-disciplinary teams (up to 15 people) on complex contract issues
  • Manage the processing of all change requests, claims, contract issue resolutions, run cost review meetings and contract negotiation meetings
  • Oversee support team for cost control, estimating, accounting and legal review

Square Sail Consulting LLC Statement of Opportunity:

The main challenge of facility building construction is its complexity. The goal is not merely to purchase craft trade labor to “assemble” a building, but to develop new facility construction, renovation and maintenance resources in or near high density areas that are subject to ever increasing regulatory demands.

In order for interested facility owners to have an informational basis for predicting the cost of providing optimal facilities, the owner must present data-rich Request for Proposals to qualified contractors and suppliers. Thus, Square Sail Consulting LLC will work to clarify, prepare and rationalize this process.

Square Sail Consulting LLC is very excited to present a unique group of experts that have worked as advisors to facility owners for a number of years, and whom have formed a strategic collaboration to manage the building, renovation and maintenance process.

Simply put, Square Sail Consulting LLC can provide an innovative and insightful service agreement that harmonizes and integrates the parts in order to present adequate information to prospective contractors and suppliers thereby facilitating comparable and competitive service proposals.

Square Sail Consulting LLC provides unparalleled experience, with top-level management in facility private
& public works performance contracting, public/private partnerships, project delivery strategies, and Design-
Build-Operate-Maintain procurement, all contributing to the essential elements of a complex but unified, market-based partnership.

By bringing these major skill sets to a facility owner, Square Sail Consulting LLC is able to offer a comprehensive management capability to successfully solicit building, renovation and maintenance activities.

Renovation and maintenance activities

Why building facility owners need Square Sail Consulting LLC for facility construction, renovation and maintenance planning and activities:

Without a well thought out program of management policies and procedures, then ad-hoc, reactive and possibly opaque and non-auditable approaches are likely to result. This is undesirable for a number
of reasons.

  1. This style of management is inefficient and exacerbates the need for oversight and unfortunately, hindsight.
  2. It takes longer to arrive at decisions and in construction, time is most certainly money.
  3. Unresolved issues become compounded over time
  4. The impact of indecision typically include very significant cost overruns, change orders and
    schedule increases
  5. Loss of control can impact schedule milestones and of coordination of trades
  6. Loss of reputation for all parties involved

Specifically, unresolved issues often evolve over time from isolated problems to a more significant cumulative impact by being left unattended to or unresolved.

Significant cumulative impact

Ad-hoc decision-making is also problematic. Decisions can be made on the basis of short-term expedience instead of the long-term project success and the total cost of ownership.   Decisions made for short term gain, often impact the long term cost of building operations.

Bad decisions tend to create new problems, which in turn compound existing project issues.

The accumulation of these factors tends to make the management team almost entirely reactionary in terms of project management.

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